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To Host Families

Thank you for your interest in our program. Our mission is to provide students opportunities to expand their future career options or goals through various cultural experiences. We conduct study tours for a number of schools, coordinate internship programs, help Japanese educational institutions in Japan to enrich their programs, and provide local support to each participant in our program. Becoming a host family is a unique opportunity for intercultural learning. Please take this opportunity to encourage friends from another country and experience various different cultures.

Our Program in the Media

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"Daily Breeze", May 31st 2008,
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"The Village Corridor Newsletter", January 31st 2008, Leimert Park Village Crenshaw Corridor Business District

Step to Become a Host Family

How does this work?

1 to 2 months before arrival

  • Once we confirm that students are coming, we look for a host family that meets both parties' interests, needs and conditions. We call a host family to check their availability and provide student's information, such as gender, age, arrival date, and departure date. In case a host family is not available, we will try for another time.

2 to 3 weeks before arrival

  • We mail you a student's personal profile, our home stay agreement form, and student arrival information.
  • We send host family's information to a student in Japan. Students may email you from Japan.

1 to 2 days before arrival

  • We give a reminder call to a host family.

Arrival day

  • We pick up the student at the airport. The host family is usually expected to pick up the student at the LCE office on Maple Street in Torrance.
  • At the time of pick up, we will hand the host family a check for the first two weeks. (For programs of more than two weeks, we will send you a check by mail.)

Departure day

  • We pick up the student at the host family's house and take him or her to the airport.