Lighthouse / Takuyo Corporation


Which area of host family are you looking for?

We are seeking Host Families in the South Bay, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and the West L.A area.

What are requirements to become a host family?

Host Families are expected to provide breakfast and dinner (or please have food available). Host Families are also expected to provide private room with a bed and linen. (Bathroom can be shared.)

How many students will one host family have?

Only one student per a family. Please note that host Families are not expected to host other Japanese-speaking people during our student is staying.

How old are the students and what are their schedules like during their stay?

Participants are usually students at 2 or 4 year colleges in Japan (majors vary), and their ages are usually from 18 to 24 (or older). Participants are here as a volunteer. The volunteer locations are Kindergartens and elementary schools, geriatric facilities, charitable organizations, and corporate offices.

How long is your program?

Period of stay varies: 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 3 months. The 3-week programs are common.